Germany to Belgium - Via Portugal Of Course

Because of family matters I had to be in Belgium for a weekend in January. My wife had spent the whole week there and we agreed to meet on Saturday and then head together back home by car on Sunday. So now I had to find a way to get there, most suitably airport was actually Lille Lesquin in France. Of course the most logical way would have been a direct flight with Air France (or rather Hop!) from Strasbourg, but that flight was ridicoulously expensive. Not much other possibilities it seemed, so I even checked out the trains, but well, I would have to change at least twice and it was also quite expensive, no thanks.

After a lot of searching and checking timetables I finally found a suitable and quite cheap easyJet flight to Lille, departing from Faro in Portugal though. Alright, so why not head to the Algarve the day before and enjoy a bit of winter sunshine in the South? A Eurowings flight from Stuttgart to Lisbon fitted perfectly with the train schedule from Lisbon to Faro, so I we…

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