Snooker in Sheffield

Snooker - not the most popular sport in my home country, but nevertheless one I usually enjoy watching quite a lot (on the rare occasions it is actually shown on German TV). So one day I decided to head up to Sheffield in England to watch a match of the annual Snooker World Championship in the famous Crucible theatre. Tickets are usually sold out quite quickly but I was lucky to get a seat for one of quarter finals. Of course now I had to find an interesting way to get to and from Sheffield in time for the event. Sheffield/Doncaster airport would be a new airport for me so I wanted at least one take-off or landing there. After some searching I decided to book the Ryanair flight from my home airport Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden to Edinburgh, then continue from there to Dublin on Stobart Air and on the next morning flyBe would take from Dublin over to Sheffield. Didn't find anything suitable back from Sheffield though but since it isn't too far away from Manchester I decided to s

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